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We are a Small inhome cattery ,  registered with TICA. , specialize in “High-End breeding  for those who crave ultimate luxury, exotic appearance, knowledgeable expertise and appreciate the finer aspects of excellent breeding  and are willing to pay a premium for that assurance of quality, health and temperament. 

  We have placed our kittens in loving and caring homes in USA, Canada and some Europe and Middle East Countries. We have sold kittens to several celebrities throughout the years.
We are a “closed cattery” meaning no outside cats are allowed into our cattery or vice versa.  We do not provide outside stud services. 
Parents tested for genetic diseases and completely healthy(PKDef/PRAb – NN)


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bengal kITTENS for sale

For over a decade we have specialized in bottle-raised exotic cats. working  with only the early generations of Bengal cats and the Asian Leopard cat  

(ALC ),  some of which have gone on to further other programs around the world.
 We breed for good health and temperament and of course – good looks. Our cats live with us in the house.  The babies are born in my bedroom and have 24 hour attention until they leave for their newhomes.


Our Experienced in raising this wild looking exotic demotic cats, made us know that lower generations were not advanced enough at that time to provide the type of cat desired by pet owners.

The luxury and  exotic Bengal cats produced from our bloodlines are sought after around the world for their vibrant coats, dramatic spots, friendly temperaments and tall , large size   (13-18 lbs). F1 & F2 generations are the most sought after due to retaining the larger exotic cat size. exotic Kittens from us are bottle-raised with our developmental program which exposes them to different surfaces, toys, textures, and noises to gain well-rounded personalities. Our exotic Bengal kittens are raised in a home  where they are free to move in every room , full of toys to play around . They grew up in a home with adults and kids where they always snuggle and cuddle ,  and get along very well with other pets as we have German Shepherds.
Getting one of our  Bengal and ALC kittens with their exotic appearance, the right choice is guaranteed.

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Since we started breeding, we have been connecting healthy well grown bengal kittens with caring, loving families.  Our Breeder Background Check ensures healthy and humane breeding practices, and a healthier, happier kitten for you!