Sharlom. NY

The Best of the Bengals i have come across in the States.
The have this exotic looks and patterns. so sweet

Don & Heather

We adopted our two Bengal cats from Brit. Chloe and Sidney (named after Sidney Crosby our grandson’s favorite hockey player) . They are now nine months and still very playful and we are enjoying them so much. Thank you Brit

Sarah & Wayne. California

Satisfied Mom

We adopted a Silver Kitty from Brit 3 years ago. We loved the fact they are dog like in personality. He became our therapy kitty to a retirement home visiting my dad. He was very personal with all the residents when I brought him in, it made their day!! Benny has been a wonderful addition to our furry friend family ūüôā We would highly recommend to any cat lovers out there. Brit and her husband were very friendly, helpful and overall wonderful to deal with! Thanks for such a lovely Kitty!!!!

Joanne and Aaron

Satisfied Pet Parents

Our charming Bam Bam Savannah cat¬† is an exceptional addition to our family. He is a happy guy with a sweet personality, super handsome looks and impressive size. He is loved by our Bengal, the dog and our Ragdoll mix. He is an equal opportunity snuggler with all of us.Brit was terrific to deal with when we chose him. She was responsive, honest and organized. The cattery is clean, her cats friendly and it is obvious she puts a great deal of time and effort in to the breeding and care of her animals. We would highly recommend a kitten from Britexotics. You won’t be disappointed. Best home raised exotic bengal cats in the States

Tina, Toronto

Brit and her husband   are very professional breeders. I have had my baby girl Diamond for 2 years now, and I am so happy and pleased with her. The breeder was so right she is shy, loving and my 2 boys just love her. She is the joy of our life. She gets along with our older Savannah cat  so well. If I was to buy another kitten I definitely would go to Luxury Bengals Рthey breed the real tamed exotic Savannah cats that many families are looking for . They tell you the truth and let you know which kitten better suits your home and family. She was right about ours!!! Thanks again Brit

Gwen & Dave, St. Thomas, ON

Happy parents

We were impressed with Brit’s knowledge and professionalism and found it a pleasure dealing with her. Our little boy is well adjusted, healthy, social and ever so cute!! We give our highest recommendations. Thanks Brit and Husband

Satisfied mom and kids

Luxury Bengals   is an amazing breeder! We purchased a beautiful  kitten РDora . She follows us room to room and is amazing with my 2 boys. We love her so much! k. Everything  Brit said was so true about Dora! I would purchase another one from her in the future and tell others too! We are in Texas.

Lisa & kids

We have had an amazing experience with Brit and her breeding ! Our cat is well socialized, very good with kids and full of personality! We will definitely purchase another F1 exotic bengal sometime in the future from  her

Dylan & Joanie

Drove all the way down from Pittsburgh to pick up our little Winston. Brit was very accommodating to making arrangements on less than a week’s notice. Our¬† little fella was happy and healthy and was/is still a joy for everyone. If we decide to get another bengal, we will be coming back to you¬†

Jennifer, Carlifornia

 She should be a role model to the breeding world. From my first interaction with them all the way to my meeting my babies, was such a positive experience. They go above and beyond and that is what sets them apart. I will be recommending her cats for many years to come!


I happily give Luxury Bengals a 5 Stars hands down. They are the most conscience breeder that I have run across in all the years I have had Bengals. They keep their line pure!! Their raises strong, healthy, and well adjusted Kittens. A joy to work with their cats are very socialized and good with kids and other pets.

Lisa, Texas

Beautiful babies! There is a lot of love poured into these kittens! Thanks Brit, for your care and heart!


Great breeder who truly loves these  cats. Thank you for all you do!!!!!

Jerry, Owner

The most tamed bengal cat breeder i have ever come across.

Bryner, PA

I love these cats. I tell everyone how wonderful they are. My granddaughter has fallen in love .The people who see him want to know where they can see more and even get one. I tell them.  heart.


“Hello from Texas…She is doing great!!! She really has the best personality. She is so mellow and adjusts to every environment smoothly. I take her with me everywhere! ūüôā She is the coolest of angels. Thank you!!!”